Pandemic Homebuying Trends are Here to Stay

November 24, 2020 11:08 am

Smart lock on front doorAs home sales have increased across the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, many new homebuying trends have emerged. While experts anticipate some of these trends may fade away as Americans hope to find a sense of normalcy in the new year, others are expected to stick around. Here are a few homebuying trends with staying power:

  1. More indoor space – in many industries the trend of Americans working from home will continue to some extent after the pandemic. With Americans moving further away from city centers, people will continue to seek larger homes.
  2. More outdoor space – Pre-pandemic, many Americans spent their weekends at outdoor parks, concerts, museums, and other public places. It may take some time for those types of venues to feel safe again, leading people to seek homes with larger outdoor spaces.
  3. Less open floor plans – For so long, the open floor plan has been the go-to style for homebuyers, with folks even knocking down existing walls to create a more open concept. As at-home activities have increased, so has the need for individual spaces such as home offices and gyms. With trends like working and exercising from home expected to continue, experts believe homebuyers will continue to want spaces that are more private, less noisy, and cozier.
  4. Smart home upgrades – While smart home features have consistently expanded in popularity, some have gained even more traction during the pandemic. Touch-free features for home entry, kitchen faucets, and even lights and temperature have been in high demand and are likely here to stay as the pandemic has heightened the public awareness of germs and touching surfaces.

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